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We call them magic moments. Those instances when a guest beams because she faced a fear or did something she wasn’t sure she could do. Could be that, after 100 previous attempts, an 8 year old boy finally gets to the top of the 10 foot warped wall. Or, in spite of a fear of heights, 39 year old mom gains the confidence to stand on the top of the Leap of Faith for a split second before coming back down. Those moments are why we exist. And because they so often inspire others, we like to share them. Here are a few recent examples:

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Brad Cunningham

There is one word to sum up Will’s ninja training today; boldness. Baby steps each week, but today was a leap! Everything he did today was with a sense of boldness and confidence I’ve never seen from him, well maybe, but not lately until today. He made dismounts from 10+ feet without complaint or assistance (I think 10, looked like 10), he showed excellent footwork (like fancy footwork), his balance was much improved, showed improved grip strength, and was just focused. Remarkable progress. Just wow.

As usual, Damian took special care of Will and his other students. He’s da man! Again, Mondays at Kinetic Heights is the highlight of our week.

PS, we got soaked running from the gym to the van. Totally worth it.

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Chasing Dreams!

In case you didn’t know, we’re not a franchise. We’re just a locally-owned startup. Kinetic Heights exists because a couple of Charlotte dads had a crazy idea one Sunday afternoon back in 2013. For five years, our Founders Steve Gruendel and Wilbur Long shared adventures with their daughters as part of a YMCA Y-Guides tribe. Steve and Wilbur walked, climbed and zipped with their girls, watching them blossom before their very eyes into confident and mature young adults. The experience so touched Steve and Wilbur that on the ride home from their last adventure they resolved to bring it to parents and kids everywhere.

The thing is, as a lawyer and a banker respectively, neither Steve nor Wilbur had ever started a business before. They were a bit intimidated by the prospect, but they had this crazy idea and they wanted to teach their kids that it was ok to chase their dreams. So they started on the back of a napkin and imagined all that Kinetic Heights could become. Their hope is to inspire others to discover what’s possible when they face their fears and chase their dreams.

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