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November 29, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours of operation?

Most of our activities are appointment-based. However, you can see our updated hours on our home page.


Are my kids old enough?

Participants must be at least 5 to participate in any activities, and at least 7 to participate in any aerial challenges (high ropes course, belayed climbing). In addition, unless they are part of a Party, Camp or Early Bird session, participants must be able to reach above 70 inches to participate in aerial challenges without a parent or sibling. Please read our supervision expectations as well.

Are there any height or weight restrictions?

Participants must weigh between 40 and 275 pounds and be able to safely fit in a harness to be able to use the high ropes courses or any belayed climbing elements. In order to be able to reach the safety wires, participants must be able to reach above 70 inches to be able to use the high ropes course without assistance (although they are still subject to age requirements).

Will I need to supervise my kids? Are drop-offs permitted?

Children under 10 should be actively supervised by a parent or guardian. Because unsupervised children are at risk of injury, and may pose a risk of injury to others, we request that all guests abide by these expectations. Drop-offs are permitted for children 14 and over. We request that at least one parent or guardian remain with children under 14.

Are reservations required for Open Play?

First, please note that we offer distinct reserved ropes times rather than one long session all-day. Second, we limit capacity in an effort to create a great guest experience, so we do recommend that make a reservation to be sure that you will be able to participate. At a minimum, we suggest that you check our capacity online or call ahead to make sure we have capacity. This is especially true for large groups.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Open Play reservations are good for the particular session reserved only. Cancellations permitted via phone up to 24 hours before the session for a full refund, as applicable. Regrettably, we cannot offer refunds for open play made within 24 hours.

Is this a gym or a kids’ place?

It’s a challenge center, so it’s kinda both at different times. We believe that challenges present opportunities for growth and that adventure has no age limit. Weekend afternoons are very family friendly and often filled with parties and kids, and weekdays and evenings involve more classes and guided adventures for young adults and adults.

What should I wear?

For all offerings, closed toed shoes and comfortable clothing is a must. For Parties, Open Play, and Fitness Classes, we recommend sneakers and comfortable athletic apparel. For Teambuilding Programs and other group outings, it just depends how active you anticipate being!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to do everything. Will it still be fun?

Absolutely. Kinetic Heights is created to meet you where you are. Our high ropes course in particular has multiple ways through it, with varying degrees of difficulty. And we’d be honored to help you get through it!


What kind of safety system do you use?

For our high ropes challenges, we use the Bornack smart claw system. This system enables participants to move freely throughout the challenge course elements, but to prevent participants from ever being able to unclip both claws at the same time while at heights. Your safety is our paramount importance. We obviously want to keep you safe at all costs. But we also want you to know you’re safe to enable you to be able stretch out of our comfort zones and gain confidence trying new things!

I’ve never been on a high ropes course. Will you show me how to do things?

Before you’ll be able to go up on the high ropes course, we’ll help you get geared up correctly with helmets and harnesses, and we’ll provide a short ground school to teach you how to use the Bornack safety claws.


Can I sign a waiver for my child’s friends?

No. Waivers must be completed by each participant’s own parent or guardian. The good news is that waivers may be completed online by clicking here.

I was there before. Is my waiver still valid?

Waivers are valid for one year after submission. If you visited for a field trip or for any other reason executed a paper waiver, an online waiver will be required before you can participate again.


Do you guys offer field trips?

We sure do. We love hosting students and pride ourselves on offering experiences that are fun and growthful at the same time. Check out our Youth Teambuilding page or email us teambuilding@kineticheights.com for more information.

Do you host special events?

We sure do. With 22,000 climate controlled square feet, and various meeting rooms, we can host groups large and small. We’ve hosted Sweet Sixteen birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and charity events, along with hundreds of teambuilding outings for groups as large as 150 people at one time!

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